Here is the little video I made from the stuff I shot in Rouen,

I am just happy people like it. I am feeling some big polo love…

Gettin to Rouen

So this past weekend was the world famous Epiphanie tournament in Rouen, It is famous for its world class court, awesome gift night and of course the HOOKS HOOKS HOOKS. 

We arrived late on friday night, to everyone relaxing and meeting in a small bar just of one of the squares in central Rouen. It was great to see so many European players again, it seems like a long time since the worlds and all the good time we had there. After a few drinks and some nice chats we made are way back to our host Guillaume’s house, Guillaume was an excellent host and was so accommodating to are wild ways.

after a shaky nights sleep we awoke to some coffee and bread and the first days polo. we had not played as a team for a while and were timid and slow to find are rhythm, after a couple wins we had found some of that wild magic again and began to play like ourselves again. we faced CMD in are third game, a hard game to be prepared for, the first 5 minutes went well and we held them off until they really turned in on a knocked us back scoring some well worked goals and using there super fast play. our last game was Edisons, a really fun game that was close the whole way though, but we walked away from the last game with a loss.

That night was the gift giving and what a night it was, after quickly dropping our stuff off at the house and grabbing some food, we arrived at the pub a little late. I immediately had flash back to falling down the stairs the year before and the great night we had then. Everyone was already into the swing of things and the place was getting wild, everyone always seems to be having a great time and after a brief chat with a few people it was onto the gifts. it was great fun to see peoples faces when they got there gifts and some great gifts were given this year. i think everyone went away happy. Pretty soon after the gifts and a little to much man love everyone headed off, but we had to live up to are name and be the last ones. we left the pub around 2.30 after seeing some pretty interesting and strange stuff happen. we then bedded down for a good 4 hours sleep.

sunday saw us drawn against Bogey, Brendan and lucas’s team, they had beaten us on the first day, we again started a little shaky, but managed to slot 2 away and come away with a win. next up was the Hooks, a really fun game that went to a 4-4 golden goal, they managed to slip a goal in on a super tight angle for the win.

We then played the Apaches, a really fun team with matching Dreamcatcher saddle danglers. We came out strong and walked away with a 5-1 win. Next up was DTGP, who had knocked out Cosmic in a tight game, we again came out strong and put pressure on the goal and there players, it was a tight game with a few heavy hits. they managed to take the lead and keep it beating us 2-1. all of our games were pretty close and everyone was great fun.

it was great to see both the Edison’s and the Hook’s beat CMD as they have really dominated the european scene for the last year.

congratulations to the hooks for taking the win, in two really tight and well fought out games. Edison’s were incredible, but the hooks just knew how to work them and use the court that they are so used to playing on. Quentin was unstoppable and my MVP of the tourney, he is just getting better and better.

This was the first tournament we got to wear are new team kits kindly designed by chunk and they looked and felt great. thanks Chunk.

it was also the first tourney I played with are new sponsors magic’s mallets, they feel great and I cannot wait to see what they bring out next.

I am currently editing a little video of some stuff i shot on the way to and at the tourney, keep your eyes peeled for that.

here is the only picture I shot, just loved John H’s little set up under cover.





So it’s that time of year again, last years Epiphanie tournament was maybe the most fun i have ever had at a tourney and this year i am sure will be no different.

from the great games, the fun after parties and the gifts, all are a sure fire way to make a great weekend.

I am sure it will get wild.


josh’s finished 14bikeco

Finally got it painted and some new wheels, runs like a dream.

full run down

14bikeco F+F

paul disc word rear-chukker

paul high flange trach hub front-chukker

middleburn cranks

20T trail white industries freewheel

thomson seatpost+90mm stem

fizik saddle

ergo grips with hope bar caps

paulXcosmic love lever+motolite

time atacs

durano 1.3 tires.

still use the volume cutter for pick up though. 700c winter bike is the future

Worlds final



Watching this as much as i love CMD I really hated the double goalie tactic. I think that things definitely  need to move towards more fluid polo and if that involves doing away with double goalies by a to many goalies rule then so be it.